The Corner of Heart-to-Hearts

THE CORNER OF HEART TO HEARTS is an interactive experiment in wellness, public feelings, and stranger intimacy. It presumes that racial capitalism affords little time for reflection, self-care, and the labor of building community. To confront this condition, THE CORNER opens time and space for dialogue on deeply personal matters. Participants share experiences, struggles, or memories based on a word prompt that is randomly drawn. Inspired by feminist and queer scholarship, THE CORNER transgresses typically distinct categories—public and private, strangers and intimates, and individuals and communities—in order to foster connections that are at once ephemeral and meaningful.

The public debut of THE CORNER, in collaboration with Yumi Sakugawa, was 12-13 November 2016 in New York City at CTRL+ALT: a Culture Lab on Imagined Futures by the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center.

A brief write-up of THE CORNER, as well as a card set designed by Linh Huỳnh, are part of "Open in Emergency", a special issue of the Asian American Literary Review edited by Mimi Khúc.